Energy Efficient Window Film - Why You Should Consider Using It Today!

Energy efficient window film is a low cost way to improve the efficiency of windows. Replacing old windows can be costly, so if they are still airtight, then consider adding an energy efficient window film instead of replacing windows. This will help you in your going green efforts by bringing down your heating and cooling bills and it won't cost you anywhere near what window replacement would cost.

This film is easy to apply. First, cut to size then spray the designated window surface with a little dish detergent in a spray bottle with water. Remove the backing and stick the film on the wet window using a squeegee on top of the film to smooth away air bubbles.

Energy film can be purchased in kits, or by the roll. It comes in clear and tinted versions. You can easily put this on your windows yourself and start saving money immediately.

Window film blocks out some heat from the sun in the summer and cold in the winter from the outside and reduces the loss of heat or coolness through the window from the inside. Energy film insulation can easily be removed by peeling it off starting at a corner. It can also be reused.

Energy film reduces glare and reduces fading from sun on carpets, furniture and artwork by reflecting and absorbing some of the heat, reducing the amount that passes through to the interior of your home.

It is recommended that you apply it to the inside of windows rather than the outside, because it will wear faster on the outside from weather.

People with homes on lakes are more likely to have used window film to keep out the extra heat caused by the morning or afternoon sun as it reflects off the water.

If one room is especially exposed to heat from sun, you should apply energy film to those windows first (just in case you get side tracked and don't get to all the rest of the windows in your home).

Yes, even people trying to do their part to go green procrastinate at times and don't always finish projects. Look at your pile of energy bills before you started your going green quest if you are low on motivation.

The nice thing about applying energy film is you do it once and you don't have to do it again--unlike remembering to turn off lights in an unoccupied room, which is an ongoing effort that everyone in the family has to be on board with. 

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