Conservation for Kids - What You Can Teach Your Children Today

Conservation for kids is being taught in some elementary schools today, however it is also up to parents and care givers to help educate children about what they can do to help look after the Earth. It used to be easier when all we had to do was ask them to pick up their trash and throw it out, but now we should be teaching them about recycling as well.

Children love a cause and are often eager to help out with saving the Earth because it sounds so noble.

Green kids love to tell parents when their actions aren't earth friendly. They also like to tell other kids who are not being earth friendly what they should do. Since the Earth will be passed on to them why not teach them while they are young to care for it? Tell them they are part of the go green kids club.

Here are a few tips you can teach them:

turn lights off when leaving a room

turn off the water while brushing teeth

don't take extra long showers

don't hold open the fridge or freezer door too long

don't stand in the exterior doorway letting heat or air conditioning escape

turn off TV when not watching (don't leave it on in the background)

turn off the computer when done using it

turn off video games when done using them

take only the amount of food you will eat

help recycle

Conservation for kids may involve some occasional sacrifices such as less water play with the hose or limited water play. At least have them play on lawn that needs water rather than on the driveway.

Kids enjoy washing cars so if you are going to let them, do it on the grass that needs water, not the driveway. Commercial car washes use less water than hand washing in many cases. Some car washes reuse the final rinse water in the cycle for the initial water on the next car wash.

Green kids like to recycle. Have them help you out by sorting into the various bins for curbside pickup, or if you take recycling to a facility have them sort items as needed in advance.

Have kids take off their shoes before walking on the carpet to decrease the amount of dirt and debris brought inside and reduce the amount of times you have to vacuum.

Children, especially girls sometimes change clothes many times a day. If she had it on for only 10 minutes and dropped it on the floor, it probably doesn't need washing yet. Have her wear it another time before washing it.

Help your children to go through their closets and sort out clothing that is too small for them so that they can be donated or given to a friend. Teach them to take care of their clothing and toys so they don't break and end up in a landfill, but can be given away to less fortunate children.

If you live close enough to school, and weather or climate permits, let your children ride a bike to school. Or, rather than drive them individually, car pool with neighbors or have them ride the bus.

Obviously, you don't want to deprive our children of their childhood, so use your best judgment with these ideas. It is much easier to get them involved at younger ages than older ages.

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