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Welcome to energy efficient homes!

Do you want to save money on your electric bill? Do you want to go green? You can start here! By making your home more energy efficient you will not only save money but you will also contribute to the health of future generations. Whether you live in an apartment or a home, you can do things that will conserve energy. I will give you some new ways to conserve energy.

Think of what a positive contribution you will be making to the world by learning energy conservation and recycling!

Your effort will:

Save on your utility bills

Help conserve energy

Conserve natural resources

Help save the environment

Do you have a conscience about the future of our planet and want to do the right thing, even if you have all the money in the world and don't need to save a few dollars on your electric bill? Are you trying to go green simply because you care about the future of your children and grandchildren? Or even if you just want to go green because it is becoming the thing to do- I can give you answers and information that will get you on the right track!

This website is a resource for you to find out:

How to make your home more efficient by small changes you can easily make, and larger changes you could do, such as caulking your windows and some improvements that a contractor might do for you.

Information about government programs & incentives available to help you reach these goals. Did you know there are goverment and utility rebates for upgrading certain parts of your home?

What type of energy audits would be helpful, who should perfom them and what they entail. Some electricity companies offer energy audits for FREE! Why not call your electricity company and find out if they offer a free energy audit!

Information about energy efficient appliances and what ENERGY STAR means to you.

Energy conservation, going green, recycling, upcycling and so on.

Amazon has some exellent books on the subject as well at amazons energy efficient homes

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Efficiency Blog is your resource for making your home more energy efficient, saving you money and helping to save our planet earth.
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What is energy? It is a difficult term of define. It is easier to describe. Energy makes things happen causing change.
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Energy Star approved appliances save you money because they are very energy efficient. Find out about different energy star qualified appliances.
energy efficient home designs
Energy efficient home designs have these features which put them way ahead of today's regular homes.
home remodel
A home remodel for efficiency improvements- what to look for, and who can help you.
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Going green is a making conscious decisions that are earth friendly. Here are some tips for your journey.
It is easy to recycle. What you need to know to help you stay motivated.
residential energy audit
Residential energy audit can be eye opening and money saving. Describes what it is and who can perfom a home energy audit.
mold in homes
No one is immune from mold in homes. Find out how you can avoid getting mold growth in your home...
2011 energy efficiency federal tax credits
2011 ENERGY EFFICIENCY Federal Tax Credits are available. A description of the tax credits and products available. Find out if your home improvment qualifies.
tax credit
Find out if you qualify for energy saving tax credit and how much credit you can recieve on your taxes.
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Green Vehicles -Top 10 For You To Consider Today!
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